This is source code of the open source Goteo Crowdfunding Platform

Please read the docs for more information.

What's new on Goteo V3:

This is a list of (still most work-in-progress) of the new features:

  • Now we use composer for 3rd party libraries
  • Introducing unit tests with phpunit
  • Migrating routing, DI, Events, etc. by using Symfony components
  • A full rewrite of the view subsystem using a template system (using Foil).
  • Optimizations, bug fixes
  • A development cycle based on github. Meaning that we will publish bug fixes and improvements regularly in github.
  • A new logging system (using Monolog and Logstash format)
  • Extendibility (custom functionality can added by external plugins)
  • Using grunt for developing
  • Better translations

Version 3.5

  • User stories
  • Improvements in Html/markdown editors (images can be dropped in)
  • New responsive user profile
  • Added SDGs tables
  • Docker improvements (added mailhog and maxmind)
  • Internal messages improvements
  • Some new responsive admin modules (blog, categories)
  • Bug fixes and several refactorizations

Version 3.4

  • Added translations (thanks to the community)
  • New documentation theme
  • New responsive blog module
  • Added Sass for css development
  • New stats module for the new admin
  • New admin framework (responsive) for admin
  • Bug fixes and several refactorizations

Version 3.3

  • New responsive Home
  • Added automated tests in Travis
  • Bug fixes, better translations & documentation

Version 3.2

  • Includes a new full responsive dashboard for users
  • PHP7 updated
  • Added migrate CLI command to smooth databases migrations
  • Improved install from the scratch
  • Updated vagrant to use ubuntu 16.04
  • Added Matcher model for custom matchfunding operations
  • Plugin improvements
  • Lot of fixes


On version 3

Ivan Verg├ęs, Javier Carrillo.

On version 2:

Development (conceptualization, information architecture, text, programming and interface design): Susana Noguero, Olivier Schulbaum, Enric Senabre, Diego Bustamante, Julian Canaves, Ivan Verges

Translation of interface and texts Catalan: Mireia Pui and Enric Senabre English: Liz Castro and Chris Pinchen French: Charlotte Rautureau, Julien Bellanger, Thomas Bernardi, Marie-Paule Uwase, Olivier Heinry, Christophe Moille, Olivier Schulbaum, Salah Malouli, Roland Kossigan Assilevi

Legal advice and data privacy: Jorge Campanillas and Alfonso Jorge Pacheco

Other code writers: Jaume Alemany, Philipp Keweloh, Susanna Kosic, Marc Hortelano, Pedro Medina