Console scripts

Dev commands:

./bin/console dev:statusinit if you have the extend/goteo-dev plugin activated this command allows to create some projects to test the endround process. Use ./bin/console dev:statusinit --clean to delete all created data

Check the TestCommand as an example of how to create a command: src/Goteo/Command/TestCommand.php

Commands can be added to the console system in the extend/plugin-name/start.php such as:

use Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Reference;
use Goteo\Console\Console;
use Goteo\Application\App;
use Goteo\Console\Command\CronCommand;

// Console add command
Console::add(new MyPlugin\Command\MyPluginCommand());

// If needed, you can add your own listeners to handle ConsoleEvents
// this will allow you to add some extra functionality to some actions
// See file src/Console/ConsoleEvents.php 
// and url
// for more information

// Adding custom services to the service container:
$sc = App::getServiceContainer();
// Take advantage of the general service container
// Adding new listener for some actions
   ->setArguments([new Reference('console_logger')]);
   ->addMethodCall('addSubscriber', [new Reference('console.myplugin.mylistener')]);

// Cron jobs can be added directly to the main CronCommand task if needed:
    'schedule' => '25 ' . (Config::get('env') == 'real' ? 5 : 6) . ' * * *',
    'command' => 'bin/console myplugin:mycommand --logmail --lock > /dev/null',
    'type' => 'php',
    'nice' => true